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Involving parents in the educational process brought us all closer, there was more understanding, sympathy, kindness. Children have become more friendly, more cultured, more polite and more fun. In the group the atmosphere of friendliness and mutual understanding. Parents celebrate a comfortable warm atmosphere in the group. I make presentations and reports at meetings of the pedagogical council, showed a number of open events for teachers inside the kindergarten and at seminars. In 2007 she took part in the city pedagogical readings “From education to modern pedagogical theory and practice.” My hobby is beads. I organized an exhibition in the regional museum “Beads and its possibilities”. On holidays in kindergarten I often act as the leader, as well as play the role of fairy-tale characters. 

Autobiography-essay In most cases (unless you are applying for a position as a journalist, copywriter or art director), the requirement to write an autobiography-essay is often the whim of a personnel manager. However, being in search of work, it is not necessary to choose, and engineers, methodologists and sales managers sometimes still have to take up the pen. A copywriter or a journalist will easily cope with this task, because weaving words into sentences, and sentences into the text are their profession. For everyone else, writing an essay becomes a long and painful procedure. The topics for the essay of applicants are usually not very diverse and come down to the following: 
The structure of the autobiography-essay:

Option number 1. And so, let us assume that you successfully graduated from school, then a university, came to an interview in an interesting company and received a task: You need to write an essay “Why did you express a desire to work in our company”. Now I will try to do it right and show you. In order to get a job offer you need to correctly complete this task. 

But knowing how a task is performed is not enough to complete it successfully. There will have to show creative thinking, formulate questions and clearly answer them. You need to understand the basic idea, write your own opinion on this topic, draw conclusions and argue them. There are some rules for writing an essay. Using these rules in practice to make any written assignment will be much easier and faster. My experience in recruitment and human resource management, as well as skills to determine the best potential of employees and making them responsible for the area to which they are genetically located, allowed me to achieve significant success in my career as a HR manager. I began my recruiting career at school. Being the head of the class, I had to select candidates for competitions and school development programs, and my teams always occupied honorable first places.

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To better imagine how to write an essay, imagine that you are offered to think about the word “waltz”. Associations (dance, Vienna, an old ball, a school waltz, the first waltz), personal memories, quotes from classical works will arise in your head. In the process of working on an essay, you will understand that such an enumeration binds together the images that have arisen, and you will complete them only when the flow of associations stops. The first journalists began to write them. From the newspapers and magazines short notes gradually moved to the pages of fiction. 

The great French thinkers D. Diderot and FM. Voltaire turned the essay into an original genre of philosophy. An example of how to write such things, became the famous book M. Montaigne “Experiments”. The fashion for everything French made an essay European popular. The Age of Enlightenment brought the echo of essays to Russia. The first Russian journalists headed by N.I. Novikov began to try his hand at writing notes on topical issues. An essayist in a free form tells the reader about social problems that concern him, shares his life experience. Know the rules of writing an essay should every student. Short exam essays help answer the questions of the text proposed for analysis, unleash creativity, demonstrate the ability to think independently. 
Let’s call the signs of the essay, which allow us to understand that this, for example, is not an essay, not an article or a sketch. Small volume.

The author writes capaciously, the reader quickly runs through the eyes. Free structure (composition). In pure form, works of this genre have no strict structure. It is allowed to start right away with the arguments, then move on to the problem statement. Or make a conclusion at the beginning, and leave the conversation about the reasons “for sweets.” At school, for the convenience of the reviewers and the writers themselves, it is proposed to adhere to a certain essay structure. It is as follows: the problem statement the arguments (1st, 2nd, 3rd) conclusion. Having a problem. 

In spite of the fact that the plan for writing an essay has a free composition, the idea of ​​the writer should be developed around one problem stated at the beginning of the text. All the arguments voiced in the main part are obliged to illustrate it and smoothly bring the reader to the resolution. In conclusion, it is necessary to voice your considerations, directly or indirectly. Individual style. It doesn’t matter what essay you write: historical or philosophical a bright and rich language, an original style should be its obligatory feature. This tradition takes root in journalism. Many humanities scholars have to think about part “C” in the current academic year. The 2019 exam in social science, literature, and a foreign language will include an essay as a mandatory element.

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Legal aspect: please note that your autobiography contains your personal data that is protected by law. Even if you do not pass the interview and do not occupy the vacancy, the personnel department must obtain your consent to the processing and storage of your personal data. Secondly, a free-form autobiography and an autobiography-essay allow you to find out the level of your knowledge of Russian. Will the prospective employee be able to draw up a business letter, memo, or order in a capacious, logical and competent manner? Or does every headwritten document written by him have to be checked and returned to work on errors? Thirdly, the autobiography will tell the potential leader what the resume will keep silent about, namely: in what environment he grew up, was brought up and formed as an individual and as a professional his future employee.

Not much information, but asking about it at the interview is not always appropriate. After school, I realized that recruitment is an occupation that I find interesting, and I want to develop in this direction, so the choice of the university was not accidental. I received a basic education in management management at the Moscow Academy ofManagement, but every year I continue to improve my qualifications by attending Master Workforce Management courses. Do not spread the thought on the tree, write exactly as much as you need to answer your question. 5. Confession. No need to turn the soul inside out and to report too personalinformation about yourself. Autobiography is not a document where intimate confessions are appropriate. 

Remember that your autobiography when talking with a future employer is your promotional material, your presentation. Turning to marketing terminology, you can compare the job seeker with a product that, like its competitors, is looking for a buyer. 
In addition, we can mention perhaps the gold medal and prize places in city, regional and federal competitions. College and university. We dwell on them in more detail if they served as the starting point of your profession. If not, just mention. In any case, you should write the name of the institution, faculty and specialty. 

The topic of the thesis is relevant if you are working on the acquired profession. Do not forget about the same olympiads and participation in the public life of the faculty, if, of course, they took place in your educational activity. 5. Mention the completed trainings, seminars and courses in chronological order. 
The essay is a creative idea of ​​the author, a description of his view on this topic. But an essay, just like other creative works, should have a title or a title. This work is small in scope, so the conclusions can be found both at the beginning of the text and at the end. 
You can bring any evidence to describe their attitude, and only then substantiate the problem. Remember, you are in free flight of thought. The essay is an appeal to a specific person who is well aware of the issues raised, so it is not necessary in the text to describe in detail the topic raised. It is necessary to boldly describe your opinion, without going into additional information.

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A collection of literate texts in the essay genre of various subjects society, culture, economics, literature and other spheres of human life. Can be used as samples for writing various essays for schools, universities, colleges. What is an essay? An essay is a rather free in structure and composition work on a specific topic, in which the author not only reveals the topic objectively, but also conveys to the reader his own attitude towards it. As a genre, the essay is at the junction of a scientific, journalistic and artistic style. That is, it contains strict facts and data, but laid out in an accessible form for a wide range of readers, as well as artistic techniques are used for a bright and convincing presentation of the author’s position on the issue. You may need to write an essay in such cases o test knowledge on a particular topic in an educational institution order to share with readers yourthoughts, ideas, discoveries, and reasoning on the topic of your research in a particular area through publication in the media when applying for a job or transferring to another position as an addition to a resume in the case of a competition for filling a vacancy some other cases. 

The concept of an essay acquires shades of meaning depending on who, where and for what they are written. For a philosopher or scientist, for example, this is a way to share your thoughts and discoveries. Now the word “essay” is often used to refer to written student and student works, in which they summarize and freely lay out their knowledge and understanding on a particular topic on a particular subject. For example, Tolstoy’s works in literature school were conducted, and then they write a small final work on it. What is customarily called in our composition. In higher education also practiced like. Student essays, as it were, give the teacher the opportunity to understand the degree to which a student has mastered a topic. Another essay is written by applicants when applying for a job. Their goal is to show the potential employer how the applicant sees his future work, whathe expects from it, and to draw a conclusion, he is suitable for this position. When changing positions or improving the qualifications, the applicant’s essay also gives an idea of ​​the composition of his activities, success in education and self-development, aspirations. 

As a result, we can conclude that in the form of an essay can be expressed your thoughts and reasoning on some exciting topic in order to familiarize the audience with it (suitable for scientists, philosophers, and publicists) the level of knowledge and understanding of the topic studied in school university training for obtaining an assessment; report on its activities developments, ideas that you plan to use in the future in professional activities. Sometimes the most educated person is bewildered by the need to state his thoughts in writing, while also adhering to the framework of a specific literary genre. On the pages of the site newessay.info we place for you ready samples and examples of writing an essay of all the above types. Use our texts as reference points. The fact is that an essay as a purely literary genre does not have clear criteria, however, an essay to a school, higher education institution, a job or a competition still usually has to meet certain requirements. Stick to them based on our designs.

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In the essay, as in any work, the internal logic must be traced. It is determined, on the one hand, by the author’s approach to the subject under discussion, on the other, by the issue itself. In addition, unreasonable transitions from one idea to another should be avoided; thought should be developed consistently. The structure of the text. Entry is formed as a result of critical reflection on a certain thesis-hypothesis. This may be a favorite aphorism or a group of aphorisms, someone’s or your own judgment, assessment of any fact.

In the introduction focuses on the issues of the essay, the key questions are raised. It would not be superfluous to indicate the relevance (significance for modern society) of the essay problem. The main content of the essay is an analysis of the initial thesis hypothesis, which is impossible without searching for objections, formulating opposite points of view, finding paradoxical solutions, searching for examples from journalism, fiction, from the experience of one’s own life. There is little to agree or disagree with anyone’s opinion. Try to see the insufficiency of this opinion, continue, supplement it. In agreement or objection, it is crucial to search and find the second argument. Then another, and another. Need a sequence of arguments. Every thought must be supported by evidence therefore, the thesis is followed by arguments. Arguments are facts, phenomena of social life, life situations, scientific evidence, references to the opinion of scientists, etc. It is better to cite two arguments in favor of each thesis: one argument seems unconvincing, three arguments can “overload” the presentation made in the genre focused on brevity and imagery.

The essay concludes with a brief conclusion. The conclusion should contain an answer to the question: “What can be said about the problem posed at the beginning of the essay?”. Thus, the essay acquires a ring structure (the number of theses and arguments depends on the topic, the chosen plan, the logic of the development of thought): The style of presentation. Aim for an elegant statement of your thoughts. Do not shy away from aphorism. At the same time try to express clearly and accurately, the phrases and wording of the essay should be polished and refined. Is it worth mentioning that an essay, like any work, presupposes a good design it means simplicity, clarity and accuracy. We must not forget that the essay is inherent emotionality, expressiveness, artistry.

Experts believe that short, simple sentences of various intonations, skillful use of the “most modern” punctuation mark a dash provide the proper effect. However, the style reflects the characteristics of the individual, this is also useful to remember. 5. Verification It is important not to delay the writing of the essay until the last day. The essay should, so to speak, cool slightly, you will simply not see your own flaws in hot pursuit. This is normal, it always happens. Having finished the essay, save the file until tomorrow, or at least postpone the final reading of your work for 2-3 hours. Printed essay on paper. We read with a pencil in hand. What is it with us? Right, there are no page numbers. And this? Tautology You can still fix it. The optimal volume of the essay is 4-6 typewritten pages. P.S. Remember that in the essay is estimated not so much your attitude to the investigated problem, as the ability to argue. And most importantly the independence and originality of thinking.