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How to add coursework to linkedin

How to add coursework to linkedin

Legal aspect: please note that your autobiography contains your personal data that is protected by law. Even if you do not pass the interview and do not occupy the vacancy, the personnel department must obtain your consent to the processing and storage of your personal data. Secondly, a free-form autobiography and an autobiography-essay allow you to find out the level of your knowledge of Russian. Will the prospective employee be able to draw up a business letter, memo, or order in a capacious, logical and competent manner? Or does every headwritten document written by him have to be checked and returned to work on errors? Thirdly, the autobiography will tell the potential leader what the resume will keep silent about, namely: in what environment he grew up, was brought up and formed as an individual and as a professional his future employee.

Not much information, but asking about it at the interview is not always appropriate. After school, I realized that recruitment is an occupation that I find interesting, and I want to develop in this direction, so the choice of the university was not accidental. I received a basic education in management management at the Moscow Academy ofManagement, but every year I continue to improve my qualifications by attending Master Workforce Management courses. Do not spread the thought on the tree, write exactly as much as you need to answer your question. 5. Confession. No need to turn the soul inside out and to report too personalinformation about yourself. Autobiography is not a document where intimate confessions are appropriate. 

Remember that your autobiography when talking with a future employer is your promotional material, your presentation. Turning to marketing terminology, you can compare the job seeker with a product that, like its competitors, is looking for a buyer. 
In addition, we can mention perhaps the gold medal and prize places in city, regional and federal competitions. College and university. We dwell on them in more detail if they served as the starting point of your profession. If not, just mention. In any case, you should write the name of the institution, faculty and specialty. 

The topic of the thesis is relevant if you are working on the acquired profession. Do not forget about the same olympiads and participation in the public life of the faculty, if, of course, they took place in your educational activity. 5. Mention the completed trainings, seminars and courses in chronological order. 
The essay is a creative idea of ​​the author, a description of his view on this topic. But an essay, just like other creative works, should have a title or a title. This work is small in scope, so the conclusions can be found both at the beginning of the text and at the end. 
You can bring any evidence to describe their attitude, and only then substantiate the problem. Remember, you are in free flight of thought. The essay is an appeal to a specific person who is well aware of the issues raised, so it is not necessary in the text to describe in detail the topic raised. It is necessary to boldly describe your opinion, without going into additional information.