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Where to put relevant coursework on resume

Where to put relevant coursework on resume

Involving parents in the educational process brought us all closer, there was more understanding, sympathy, kindness. Children have become more friendly, more cultured, more polite and more fun. In the group the atmosphere of friendliness and mutual understanding. Parents celebrate a comfortable warm atmosphere in the group. I make presentations and reports at meetings of the pedagogical council, showed a number of open events for teachers inside the kindergarten and at seminars. In 2007 she took part in the city pedagogical readings “From education to modern pedagogical theory and practice.” My hobby is beads. I organized an exhibition in the regional museum “Beads and its possibilities”. On holidays in kindergarten I often act as the leader, as well as play the role of fairy-tale characters. 

Autobiography-essay In most cases (unless you are applying for a position as a journalist, copywriter or art director), the requirement to write an autobiography-essay is often the whim of a personnel manager. However, being in search of work, it is not necessary to choose, and engineers, methodologists and sales managers sometimes still have to take up the pen. A copywriter or a journalist will easily cope with this task, because weaving words into sentences, and sentences into the text are their profession. For everyone else, writing an essay becomes a long and painful procedure. The topics for the essay of applicants are usually not very diverse and come down to the following: 
The structure of the autobiography-essay:

Option number 1. And so, let us assume that you successfully graduated from school, then a university, came to an interview in an interesting company and received a task: You need to write an essay “Why did you express a desire to work in our company”. Now I will try to do it right and show you. In order to get a job offer you need to correctly complete this task. 

But knowing how a task is performed is not enough to complete it successfully. There will have to show creative thinking, formulate questions and clearly answer them. You need to understand the basic idea, write your own opinion on this topic, draw conclusions and argue them. There are some rules for writing an essay. Using these rules in practice to make any written assignment will be much easier and faster. My experience in recruitment and human resource management, as well as skills to determine the best potential of employees and making them responsible for the area to which they are genetically located, allowed me to achieve significant success in my career as a HR manager. I began my recruiting career at school. Being the head of the class, I had to select candidates for competitions and school development programs, and my teams always occupied honorable first places.